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How to control the quality by GM?



Quality is the life of an enterprise. GM strictly follows the below processes for quality control:


1. Setting clear quality standards and requirements: When making plans for the production of prototypes, make sure that the quality standards and requirements of the prototypes are clearly defined, including the appearance, dimensions, functions, durability and other aspects.


2. Choose the right material: Choose the material that is suitable for the product design and requirements, and make sure the material of the prototypes meets the requirements of the environment where the product will be used.


3. Strictly control the production process: Monitor the whole production process of prototypes manufacturing to ensure that every step meets the standard, from material preparation, processing to assembly.


4. Conduct strict inspection and testing: After the production is completed, conduct comprehensive inspection and testing of prototypes to ensure that it meets the quality standards and requirements. Appearance inspection, size measurement, function test, etc. can be carried out.


5. Feedback and Improvement: Collect customers’ and market feedback in time, improve and optimize the production processing and enhancing quality standards, and continuously improve the product quality and user experience.


Through the above methods, we can effectively control the quality of the hand plate to ensure that it meets the design requirements, that can help customers’ to better test the foundation for the subsequent product development and production.


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