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What's Vacuum Casting Technology?



Vacuum Casting is a simple silicone mold, it has the following advantages:


1. Short production cycle: Compared with the traditional mold manufacturing process, Vacuum Casting can greatly reduce the production cycle because it eliminates the need to manufacture metal molds and wait for the time when the mold manufacturing is completed.


2. Low cost: Vacuum Casting usually costs less than traditional mold manufacturing because it eliminates the need to make metal molds and perform extensive machining processes, which saves on raw material and labor costs.


3. Adaptable: Vacuum Casting is suitable for products of various shapes and sizes and can be applied flexibly under different production requirements.



4. Controllable quality: As Vacuum Casting adopts digital manufacturing technology, the precision and quality of the products can be better controlled, improving the consistency and stability of the products.


5. Strong customization: it can be quickly customized according to customer demand, to adapt to the needs of personalization and small batch production.


To sum up, Vacuum Casting in the prototypes has the advantages of short production cycle, low cost, strong adaptability, controllable quality and strong customization.

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