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What's the prototypes?



The prototypes, also known as a mock-up or prototype, is a physical model or sample typically used for testing, evaluation, or demonstration purposes. prototypes are often made using materials such as plastic or metal and are crafted to represent a concept or design in a tangible form. prototypes help visualize ideas, identify potential issues, and refine designs before moving on to full-scale production. They play an essential role in the product development process by allowing designers and engineers to physically interact with and assess a model before investing in expensive tooling or manufacturing processes.


Advantages of prototypes include:


1. Rapid validation: Handbags can quickly produce a physical model of a product to validate design concepts and functionality, helping teams identify and solve problems early in product development.


2. Cost Effectiveness: Compared to direct input into mass production, the cost of making a hand-plate is lower, helping to control costs in the early stages of product development.


3. Visualization: A 3D solid model is provided to help designers, engineers and stakeholders understand product concepts more intuitively, facilitating communication and understanding.


4. Functional verification: Handbags can be used to test the basic functions of a product, helping to identify design flaws and room for improvement.


Versatility: Applicable to a wide range of industries and product types, from electronic devices to industrial machinery, prototypes can provide a quick and practical test platform for a wide range of products.


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